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Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, it's nice to get back into blogging after a mini break. Work's been busy and the lack of daylight hours has made me so tired - roll on summer! I thought I'd share one of my Christmas/Black Friday beauty buys with you: the 3 #LFbeautyboxes which Look Fantastic were doing on a 3 for 2 offer. I've been desperate to try on of these boxes ever since they were released, having seen many great reviews on their contents. The Black Friday deal was the perfect excuse to try them out!
So I haven't blogged in a while as this week has been a busy one, packed full of exciting goings on - but I thought that this was definitely a highlight worth posting about. I was one of the lucky people invited by Alix and Suzie to attend their #KiehlsMeetUp in Kiehls' flagship London Regent Street store. This was such a fun and exciting event and I'm so pleased I was able to meet these two lovely girls whose blogs I have followed for such a long time. ICovetThee was the first beauty blog I ever read about 4 years ago and so Alix is such an inspiration to me. I thought I'd share some of my photos from the evening!

On a recent trip to Boots I found myself lingering in a section I wouldn't usually pay much attention to: the No7 stand. Whilst the products I picked up are typical Spring beauty buys, the cold air has left my skin pretty dry recently and so I was on the hunt for a creamy blusher to add some glow back into my complexion. After swatching the highly pigmented shimmer palette and 'pop and glow' cream blusher I couldn't resist putting them in my basket - along with a few extras of course!

When it comes to buying drugstore lipsticks, I've always had a firm favourite. Rimmel do such a great range of lip products which all have a reliable long-lasting and pigmented formula. This is a range I always go back to when I enter Boots or Superdrug looking for a new lipstick - and this is definitely made evident by my ever growing stash of them in my makeup drawer. For this post I've picked my top five favourites from across their different collections - you can guarantee that at least one of these (if not all...) will be in my handbag at all times!

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